Partnering with Organic Famers

Organic Veggie Moms are committed to deliver produce only from farmers who are certified by organic standard setting and certification body in the country named Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (OCCP). OCCP, with regular inspections to organic farms, “ensures the relevance of organic farming standard and the integrity of the certification process for the protection and guarantee of consumers and producers.”

With the standards set by the OCCP, Organic Veggie Moms handpicked our partner farmers, who, not only abide by these standards, but who we feel are dedicated, honest and passionate in growing these products.

latop farmersLa Trinidad is recorded to have the most farmers engaged in Organic Agriculture. Small business farmers have joined together to form a cooperative named La Trinidad Organic Practitioners Coop (LATOP). Jeff Laruan himself managed LATOP for years as they continued to train and encourage farmers to shift to organic farming. LATOP continues to be the main market arm for the harvests of organic farmers and is a vital partner farmer of Organic Veggie Moms.
One partner farmer for example is “Lily of the Valley Organic Farm” of Mr. Jeff Laruan. It is the first agri-tourist destination accredited by the DoT and often been used by the DA as a demo farm in La Trinidad, Benguet as his innovations in organic farming sets a high standard in the province. For his achievements, he was nominated to the Board of National Organic Farming Practices.lily.jpg
tublayAnother partner farmer group associated with us is the Tublay Organic Farming Practitioners (TOFPA). Tublay is a 5th class Municipality also in Benguet Province who have a group of farmers who banded together to market their harvests. In 2013, in the National Organic Agriculture Congress, Tublay LGU was awarded by the Department of Agriculture (DA) as one of the top performing LGUs in the country on Organic Agriculture. Practitioners Association (SOPA) is actively taking the steps to get to the next levels of their Internal Control System (ICS) Installation. “SOPA is one of the organic agriculture farmers’ organizations being supported by the ATI-CAR in their efforts to establish an internal control system within their respective organizations.” Organic Veggie Moms believe that ICS ensures that the harvests are certifiably healthy for the families to enjoy, therefore we have handpicked them to be a partner farmer group.
Teraoka, translated into English is “Temple on a Hill”. It is the name a Filipino-Japanese family gave its farm in Mangaterem, Pangasinan. It began as a property with 4,000 Mango trees and some livestock, but when they decided to expand their operation in 2014, they also committed to the idea of growing 100% chemical free products. With their end purpose at providing fresh and healthy food on our tables aligned to ours, we have partnered with Teraoka Family Farm.

Organic Veggie Moms works at choosing the right farmers/farmer groups for our consumers. We can assure you that the farmers we have so far selected have passed our own test: (1) Certified by Organic Farming Governing Body (2) Competitive Pricing (3) Availability of Supply and (4) shared vision of providing safe and fresh food by growing organics, promote improved health among families, and finally environment protection.

This is the mission of Organic Veggie Moms.