About us

We’ve always wanted our children, both born in Baguio, to live a healthy lifestyle. We knew ORGANIC food was the best way to go, especially as these were accessible to us living in the highlands. So, when we decided the move to Manila, we committed to continue the lifestyle and find a way for these organic vegetables to remain a staple in our dining table --- and our children’s lunch boxes.

Organic Veggie Moms began with the simple sharing of school lunch and recipes. There was obviously a common goal for school moms to provide healthy food for their families, but I was pleasantly surprised of the interest on organic veggies. This inspired me to share the steady supply from home.

To accommodate the growing requests, we partnered with farmers from the highlands who were growing certified organic fruits and vegetables. With this, Organic Veggie Moms is able to pursue its goal to provide families with healthy food, and at the same time, we are happy to be able to help local farmers market their produce.

A true farm to table effort…


Organic Veggie Mom